Bec Boyle athleisurewear is the new solution for women who want functionality in their clothing, without having to give up on style.  Merging performance driven designs, featuring high end details, Bec designed and created a brand that blurs the lines between the clothes you’d wear to the gym, to work and those you’d wear to lunch. 

Why suffer with pinched toes and blisters, itchy undergarments, waistlines that are too tight?  Why have a wardrobe of formal business clothing if your desk is likely a coffee shop, home office, or coworking space?  Running errands, socializing, working, travelling, long flights… there is an endless list of so many moments in life when ‘comfort’ is your only fashion priority. 

Our busy and hectic lives are demanding more comfortable and practical clothing.   Searching for suitable athleisurewear pieces over the past few years, Bec was becoming frustrated with the lack of fashionable options.  Walking to work, living in the city, multitasking, travelling, socializing, Bec needed clothing that she could not only dress up and down quickly, but clothing that was comfortable, convenient, appropriate given the tasks, but most of all suited her ever changing, ever evolving lifestyle.