Kickstart your week like Tiff Hall

Kickstart your week like Tiff Hall
Bringing this weeks vibe up with some colourful activewear. What are you grateful for this week?  (Me - playgrounds are open in VIC)

We are grateful for our health and as restrictions ease, to be spending more time with friends and family.  Exploring the outdoors, soaking up the rays, feeling the fresh winter breeze though our hair and a good cup of coffee are our reignited, simple pleasures.  

We're not entirely sure if life will ever return to what it was.  But, as many of us are embracing a 'new normal' it is important to put our best 'colourful' self forward...

...And that can begin with a new wardrobe.

Why suffer with pinched toes and blisters, itchy undergarments, waistlines that are too tight?  Why have a wardrobe of formal business clothing if your desk is now likely a coffee shop, home office?  Running errands, working, exercising… put yourself first.  

Embrace comfort and style.  

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