Life is ‘Batter’ with Cake!

Life is ‘Batter’ with Cake!

Meet Maggie, the amazing Boss Lady, behind Lady Start-Up, bespoke patisserie brand ‘Short & Sweet.’

From a young age, Maggie has always had a keen interest in the kitchen.

‘I have always loved to cook, especially from a young age. You would always find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm. For as long as I can remember, every Sunday Lunch, you’d find me baking my ‘signature dish’ lemonade scones, served with jam and cream.’

As Maggie approached her late teenage years, she decided it was time to expand her baking horizons and delve into the creative world of cake baking.

As a special family event was approaching, Maggie seized the moment to test and display her cake baking & decorating skills. Hitting the bullseye on her first attempt, from that day on, Maggie was receiving cake order’s at a steady rate.

‘Sweet Essence’ was born. A small business helping Maggie create her path, she spent a year in the role, doing what she loved. That was until, Maggie set her eyes on a bigger prize.

Ambitious, driven and determined, Maggie shifted her focus to study where she worked hard on obtaining both her baking apprenticeship and Certificate III in Cake and Pastry.

Equiped with new skills, ideas and aspirations, under a new name and branding, ‘Short & Sweet’ was established.

A bespoke cake and dessert patisserie, located in Dubbo, NSW. All cakes, desserts and slices are handcrafted and made from scratch.  Using high quality & locally sourced, farm fresh ingredients.

‘Faced with new challenges, it's been quite the journey thus far. But, it’s definitely well worth it! I’m enjoying what I do and I love creating unique cakes for each customer.’

‘Short & Sweet’ caters for gluten, dairy and egg free, whilst also offering vegan options.


Scroll through as Maggie takes us through her kitchen, showing off some of her favourite dessert creations, as well as Q & A with Bec.


Q & A

·      What is ‘Short & Sweets’ signature dish?

MH: ‘Definitely my signature brownie! Rich and chocolatey and 100% gluten free!’

·      What is your all-time favourite recipe to bake?

MH: ‘Also my brownie, smells good before it goes in the oven and even better once it comes out!’

·      Favourite kitchen appliance or tool you cannot bake without?

MH: ‘Definitely my kitchen aid! Love them so much I have 2, cannot live without them!’

·      Favourite ingredient to work with?

MH: ‘I’d say Swiss meringue buttercream, I love experimenting with different techniques and styles.’

Maggie’s ‘Greatest Cake Challenge’

Maggie’s ‘Greatest Cake Challenge’

·      Hardest ingredient to work with?

MH: ‘Not so much ingredient but recipe, is definitely macarons, they’re very temperamental but once you learn how to make them they’re very easy!’

·      What’s been your greatest cake challenge? 

MH: ‘Definitely a cake I’ve done that is covered in sweets and lollies (See photo to the right)’

·      Have you had any odd baking requests?  (this might involve odd designs, strange flavours etc)

MH: ‘Not as of yet but I’m keen to try anything.’

·      How do you keep up to date with the latest cake and pastry trends (flavours, designs etc)

MH: ‘100% Pinterest, anything and everything is on there but I do follow a lot of cake decorators.’

·      Is it hard baking such delicious cakes and pastries without being able to steal a bite?

MH: ‘Definitely not! Not when make extra just for you.’

·      Do have an idol you look too for baking or culinary inspiration?

MH: ‘My idols are Helen Tzouganatos (the gluten free queen!), Bernadette Gee and who doesn’t love Gordon Ramsey?!’

 ·      What is your favourite BB garment?

MH: ‘Definitely my Georgia Tees in Emerald Agate and Purple Arizona.’

·      Where does your BB take you?

MH: ‘Absolutely everywhere I can! They are the most comfiest garments!’


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