Glow Up with Chelsea Edwards

Glow Up with Chelsea Edwards

Moving to Newcastle to study a Degree in Communication, Chelsea, now 25, has called Newcastle, NSW home for the last 6 years.

Most recently, thanks to ‘Covid-19,’ Chelsea having had more time on her hands, has reignited her passion with make-up.

‘I remember liking makeup from a pretty young age and then “using” it when I was about 14/15.’

In High School, Chelsea often leant on the application of makeup to give her a confidence boost, and a sense of security.

‘Turning lemons into lemonade,’ Chelsea managed to turn her insecurities into a creative outlet and now, one of her many passions.

Becoming more adventurous with makeup looks and designs, Chelsea, in lock down - decided her makeup was too good to be wasted sitting on the couch, so ‘…I decided to create my Instagram account shaved_face..’

Now, Chelsea’s talents are shared with the world.

Chelsea & Mash having a matching Mother - Daughter moment in their Bec Boyle.

Chelsea & Mash having a matching Mother - Daughter moment in their Bec Boyle.

Inspired by The Tia Hoody, in Purple Arizona, Chelsea designed and created the perfect ‘BB Approved,’ - Extremely Extra, Bold Eye look.

Managing to include all the colours in the print, watch below as Chelsea creates magic…


‘Bec’s stunning design was the perfect inspiration for a bold makeup look. The Purple Tia Hoody has so many complementing colours, half the job was already done for the makeup.

This look actually came to me one night when I couldn’t sleep and I ended up writing it in my note half delirious.

I’m super proud of this look and I hope I did Bec’s beautiful design justice.’

Date night, girls night, family dinner, celebrations, work, or even to pop to down to the shops to grab the milk and butter - We adore this look Chels, we cant wait to recreate it.

Q & A

  • Do you remember your first makeup product?

    CE - ‘I’m not sure what the first item I purchased was, but I use to love playing with all my mums old makeup - most of which was probably older than I was. I remember being obsessed with a little Elizabeth Arden black smokey eyeshadow palette.’


  • What is the one product you cannot work with out?

    CE - ‘Oh my gosh just one?! I’m kind of an all or nothing kind of girl, it’s a full face or nothing at all. But I might have to go with concealer. Currently obsessed with the Elf 16hour camo concealer.’

  • Which product should be applied first? Concealer or foundation?

    CE - ‘ALWAYS! And I stress ALWAYS, foundation.’

  • Who are your favourite beauty gurus?

    CE - ‘I love Nikkie Tutorials (who doesn’t), she’s just so down to earth not to mention talented. But I also love Nicole Tait, she’s a Brisbane girl who is just magical with colour! (Instagram is nicoleetait)’


  • Favourite splurge product?
    CE - ‘Has to be my ABH Norvina palette. The shadows are so buttery and blend like a dream 🤤’


  • Favourite drug store product?

    CE - ‘I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Elf 16hr camo concealer! It’s $10 and is amazing! I’ve spent $40 on concealers that don’t work half as well. I could honestly rave about it all day.’


  • Who would you love to work with?

    CE - ‘Ah literally anyone? Seriously DM me people. But anyone who loves big bold looks with lots of colour!’


  •  Makeup is done, Hoody is on, where are you heading?

    CE - I’d love to say something more interesting then a quick walk with the dog and a trip to super cheap auto. Honestly though, I feel like I could do nearly anything in the hoody, gym, out for lunch or coffee, shopping, hanging out at home. 


  • What do you love most about the Hoody?

    CE - Two things 1. It looks amazing. 2. It’s super comfy. I literally spent the entire day in it, doing and filming makeup, walking the dog, cooking dinner etc.

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