Biz-Leisure Style with BB

Biz-Leisure Style with BB

Casualisation in the workplace is more present than ever (thanks to covid) we’ve seen and beginning to adapt to  new ways of dressing ‘professionally.’

Granted, Bizleisure dressing is different for each person and their workplace, but it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on ‘comfort and ease’ in your work attire. 

Wearing a low impact bizleisure option, my daily work uniform consists of a BB Georgia Tee which injects colour and print, whilst teaming with a good pair of fitted jeans, tailored blazer and styling with ‘clean, mark free’ sneakers. 

An outfit so versatile, I wear whilst attending stockist meetings, comfortable whilst driving the car completing work errands, attending zoom meetings, running out for those sneaky (but much needed) coffees - the list is countless and adaptable.  

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