Benefits of Bec Boyle Athleisurewear Fabric

Benefits of Bec Boyle Athleisurewear Fabric

Whether you’re sweating up a storm in a HIIT class or you’re running your daily errands, athleisurewear sees more wear and tear than any of your other garments. 

We know you don’t have enough time on your hands to do the laundry, and quite frankly, we all have far better things to do… we’ve decided taking care of your athleisure wear should be made easy. 

A vital step in our designing and manufacturing processes, choosing the right fabric was crucial.  We needed a fabric that helped identify and fulfil our brands mission and purpose in providing the solution for women who wanted functionality within their garments, without giving up on style.

Your Bec Boyle Athleisurewear garments are crafted from a premium, quality fabric that boasts an amazing long list of features and benefits, and we’re letting you in, how you can reap the rewards. 

Our garments are wrinkle free.  You never have to worry about waking early to iron your shirts, or having to be mindful of sitting a certain way to avoid creasing.  Perfect for travel, throw away the iron, you’re not going to need it.  Save yourself time, embrace minimum care and shrink proofing.

Dramatically decrease your use of water and breakdown of clothing, as your athleisurewear pieces are odour free.  If travelling you can get a couple of wears out of your garments before you have to retire them to the washing basket.  However, if you choose to wear your athleisure pieces during high intensity training, we do recommend to take care of you garments, and wash them straight away to avoid germ spread and deterioration of fabric. 

Start enjoying comfortable wear and workouts with the moisture wicking properties. 

There are a few ways this technology can help:

  • It keeps you cool, making it Perfect Tran-Seasonal garment wear
  • It’s Quick drying, It’s easy to care for.

Our fabric hosts enough thickness, stretch and snatch that aids in streamlining your figure and body.  You’ll feel comfortable and supported during your wear.  And with just the right amount of thickness, you’ll never have to worry about your clothing becoming see-through.

To find out more on our garment and fabric care guide jump onto our website, or email your questions and queries to email

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